Feature Requests

Please create any feature requests here (3)

Feel free to create feature requests here. Like :heart: a feature request to show support. If you require support adding for a device / OS then please create an issue on GitHub. This forum is for new features.

IPAM Integration ( 2 ) (28)
Show LLDP/CDP neighbors (13)
Load_average alert rule? (4)
Support for CISCO interface err-disabled status (8)
WMI Support Request (8)
Device availability tracking (2)
COMPLETE:Host dependencies (13)
Feature request: Embed images into email (15)
Weathermap Histogram (7)
Acknowlege alarms: save user / show user who acknowleded (6)
Ability to duplicate alert rule (2)
Feature request: Add Alert Rule Email Recipient Mapping - COMPLETE (9)
COMPLETE: Poll FDB tables and allow searching for MAC addresses ( 2 ) (25)
Juniper RPM Support (4)
COMPLETE: Update Hipchat transport to use API 2.0 by default (7)
Feature request: Add Guacamole Support (Browser based SSH, Telnet, VNC, RDP) (2)
Support IETF Streaming Telemetry and OpenConfig gNMI for performance monitoring (1)
VRF support for Juniper MX and QFX series (2)
ISIS Topology Monitoring (13)
Alert Rule for Load Averages (2)
Uptime visualisation in percentage (5)
Windows Disk I/0 over SNMP (2)
WEB UI: Make Device Groups Menu Bigger (11)
Feature request: Add graphing for Junos SRX Firewall session objects (9)
Feature Request: MAC Address History (5)
Better rrd graphs (1)
DOCSIS 2 & 3 Cable Modems Support (2)
FDB table search via API (MAC/IP -> switch/port) (3)
F5 LTM VS Connections (14)