Feature Requests

VRF support for Juniper MX and QFX series (3)
ISIS Topology Monitoring (14)
WLC AP Up/Down Alerting (6)
Make Device Groups Menu Bigger (11)
Feature request: Add graphing for Junos SRX Firewall session objects (9)
Pager Duty Filter (6)
Use networkmap.js for NetworkMap (1)
Generating Network Monthly Report (2)
F5 LTM VS Connections (14)
EIGRP support (8)
Add option to disable 'recovery' message for alert (10)
DOCSIS 2 & 3 Cable Modems Support (2)
Toner sub menu (9)
Feature request: Adding Cisco CallManager metrics (5)
Feature request: alert different slack channels based on alert severity (9)
Improve Nagios Alerts (1)
Add Top 10 Port Errors to Dashboard Widgets (1)
Down devices shows "up time" (10)
Device Dashboards (1)
Hide disables interfaces (1)
Feature Request: Do not delete down OSPF neighbors (1)
Pull metrics from NCPA API (1)
Import of cacti graph templates (1)
Better output from FDB search (12)
Scheduled emails of node reports (5)
Feature Request: Support RouterOS queues (2)
Navigation Menu for Weathermaps (12)
Network Availability Graph (1)
Overall CPU usage alerting - COMPLETE (3)
LLDP Diagram like Ptolemy (2)