Feature Requests

COMPLETE: Toner sub menu (9)
Generating Network Monthly Report (2)
DOCSIS 2 & 3 Cable Modems Support (2)
Pager Duty Filter (6)
F5 LTM VS Connections (14)
ZFS Support (2)
WEB UI: Make Device Groups Menu Bigger (11)
Feature request: Add option to disable 'recovery' message for alert (9)
Feature request: Add graphing for Junos SRX Firewall session objects (9)
EIGRP support (7)
Better output from FDB search (12)
"Send to Dashboard" link (1)
Feature request: alert different slack channels based on alert severity (8)
COMPLETE: Down devices shows "up time" (10)
Hide disables interfaces (1)
Feature request: Adding Cisco CallManager metrics (5)
Use networkmap.js for NetworkMap (1)
Improve Nagios Alerts (1)
Feature request: Navigation Menu for Weathermaps (11)
Feature request: Maintenance by Geo Location (1)
Feature request: SNMP-traps integration (6)
Assign a group of devices to a user (3)
Feature request: Don't show other user's device groups in menu (3)
Update Notification '[LibreNMS] Auto update has failed' (4)
Pull metrics from NCPA API (1)
Feature request: Devices group that I can assign user permission to view (1)
Add IIS (native) SNMP Support (1)
Multicast/Broadcast PPS Alerts (2)
Fortigate SSL VPN statistics monitoring & graphs (4)
Add device form is cleared on error (4)