Feature Requests

IPAM Integration ( 2 ) (34)
WMI Support Request (8)
Device availability tracking (2)
Support for CISCO interface err-disabled status (8)
Ability to duplicate alert rule (2)
Juniper RPM Support (4)
Feature Request: MAC Address History (6)
Feature request: Add Guacamole Support (Browser based SSH, Telnet, VNC, RDP) (2)
Support IETF Streaming Telemetry and OpenConfig gNMI for performance monitoring (1)
Windows Disk I/0 over SNMP (2)
SLA/Availability reports (1)
VRF support for Juniper MX and QFX series (2)
Acknowlege alarms: save user / show user who acknowleded (6)
Feature request: Add option to disable 'recovery' message for alert (9)
Better rrd graphs (2)
Generating Network Monthly Report (2)
Feature request: Billing email reports (4)
ZFS Support (2)
DOCSIS 2 & 3 Cable Modems Support (2)
Hide disables interfaces (1)
Use networkmap.js for NetworkMap (1)
Feature request: Add graphing for Junos SRX Firewall session objects (9)
Improve Nagios Alerts (1)
Uptime visualisation in percentage (5)
Alert Rule for Load Averages (2)
ISIS Topology Monitoring (14)
Load_average alert rule? (4)
Feature request: Don't show other user's device groups in menu (3)
Overall CPU usage alerting - COMPLETE (3)
Pull metrics from NCPA API (1)