Ablitiy to delete syslog entry from webgui

I have some devices that occasionally report the wrong date (2019) for example… Eventually NTP kicks in on the device and it gets the correct time, but now i have a couple of syslog entries at the beginning, and will be for another year :(… I have gotten into the database directly, but it would be nice to be able to delete from the webgui.


change your config for syslog copy the config from the docs it uses the server time and not the device time.

destination d_librenms { program("/opt/librenms/syslog.php" template ("$HOST||$FACILITY||$PRIORITY||$LEVEL||$TAG||$R_YEAR-$R_MONTH-$R_DAY $R_HOUR:$R_MIN:$R_SEC||$MSG||$PROGRAM\n") template-escape(yes)); };