Add coordinates to Device Groups


I use LibreNMS now for almost 6 months and i very happy about it.
I have one thing i can’t solved and that is the following:

I use LibreNMS to poll so 800 devices spread over 4 locations.
I have add the devices in a device group of the location. Like i have a Device group Amsterdam with 200 devices, device group London with 200 devices etc. etc.
What i want is add the GPS-coordinaters to the device groep so that the group (with the devices) are show in the world-map. Is this possible?

Or must i edit each device in the SNMP-location field to fill in the Coordinates bij hand?
I hope not because then i must edit almost 800 devices to creat this.

Thanks for the respons

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Best way is to set the snmp location on all devices to be an easy to read string, like DC1 or Amsterdam.

Then go to the all locations page and set the GPS for each of the 4 locations. Delete unused locations.

Bam, perfect map.

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