Add new Plugin tab in Ports like a "public function"?

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to make my plugin appear in the “Ports” tab just after Errors (Mini) like this …| Errors (Mini) | MyPlugin ?
I’ve looked at the 3 current possibilities:
- public static function menu()
- public function device_overview_container($device_id)
- public function port_container($device, $port)

Would you need a fourth one like this?
- public function device_ports ($device) or ($device_id)

Thanks in advance to the community

No, that functionality doesn’t exist. The closest there is is adding a portstab, which displays when you go into a port. You can find an example of all the existing plugin hooks here: librenms/app/Plugins/ExamplePlugin at master · librenms/librenms · GitHub

Thank you @electrocret
I don’t know how to make a new hook properly, I modified directly the file /librenms/includes/html/pages/device/

line 96

  • echo ’ | ';*
  • echo generate_link(‘BIER’, $link_array, [‘view’ => ‘bier’]);*

// If Bier is clicked
if ($vars[‘view’] == “bier”) {

  • include ‘html/plugins/BIER/’;*

The result of the plugin can be found here