Add only uplink

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Hi everyone. I’ve already used LibreNMS. But when adding some Juniper MX960 PE router. That having about 600 interfaces include physical and sub. So I only want add some uplink ports Ten Gigabit for example Xe port. How i can do this. I read Docs fews times but can’t find the result.


Ignore or disable the other ports (in the docs) and enable selected port polling… If you don’t enable selected port polling, it still polls all ports, just discards the data.


Hi murrant. Currently i can disable polling unnecessary ports. But appearing other issue. When i modified config.php. The rule apply for all devices. While I only want to apply it for Juniper devides. Because the rest devices are Cisco and other vendors.


$config['os']['junos']['bad_if'] = ['lo', 'vlan1'];