Add Rapid spanning-tree monitoring

Libre will not detect RSTP on Brocade switches.

What MIB does it use?

The is for 802.1w spanning tree. I configure a switch with 802.1d spanning tree as a test and the information showed up. It looks like the MIB required to display the RSTP information is already loaded as a default in the LibreNMS package. I did some research before posting and found someone had made modifications to the code a few years ago for RSTP. I didn’t not want to attempt all the changes he made and then have it wiped out by and update. Is there something I’m missing in configuration or config file? This info would really help me trouble shoot my 300+ switch school network.

I found this after doing research: On-Line MIB (Management Information Base)
RFC 4318

More info from header of MIB

– Network Working Group D. Levi
– Request for Comments: 4318 Nortel Networks
– Category: Standards Track D. Harrington
– Effective Software
– December 2005

– Definitions of Managed Objects for Bridges
– with Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol


– MIB for IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol