Add same device twice

Hi all,

I’m trying to add the same device twice into librenms, and I’m not able to do so (I guess thats by design).
My use case for it is a cluster system:

  • add both cluster nodes for monitoring CPU, Mem, FS, … - all system specific data.
  • add an additional “system” to monitor services, which are implemented virtually. (monitoring IP is a virtual IP, which can move between cluster nodes)
    For the services I want to have one statistic for i.e. traffic volume, independent of underlying physical system. - this could be done by accessing the virtual IP.

Is there any method, to implement this?


I think this may help you -

Just force add the device.

Hi - thanks for the tip, it’s that easy.
One thing: after adding the device with “force add” - the snmpv3 credentials got lost and device never got up. When you edit the snmp credentials on the device manually afterward (and don’t select “Don’t perform ICMP or SNMP checks?”) then everything works fine.

Thanks for the tip,

Feel free to create an issue.