Add versioning to requirements to prevent installation breaking updates

when dependencies change there should be a mandatory successful validation of said dependencies by validate.php -before- the installation is updated and subsequently broken.
This could be accomplished by adding versioning to the requirements as a whole and when this changes, daily.php either automatically runs validate itself and only downloads the rest of the update when that gives a green light or put a message in the gui for manual intervention to update and bump the version.

This doesn’t happen often thankfully but it does happen that the auto update just breaks the installation during the night when it updates. Considering librenms is a -monitoring- system this is rather very bad practice.
There should never be automatic updates that break the monitoring, stability should have priority over the need to run the last version. Better to put the system in a ‘no longer supported’ state than break it.
Not every OS updates its packages at the same rate so a temporary skew in available versions is a thing unfortunately.