Adding DDM support for Edge-Core devices

I am working on adding DDM support for Edge-Core devices but there are few issues that I have encountered so far:

  1. edgecos uses different MIB for each product family
  2. edgecos uses different OID for each product family

ECS2100 series will use ECS2100-MIB and .{{ $index }} for getting the TX power
ECS4120 series will use ECS4120-MIB and .{{ $index }} for getting the TX power

I imagine this would be the same for other edge-core devices.

I will be looking to add temp, V, A and dBm sensors.
I could use some advice on how to approach this.

Hi @kamils85
You cannot use YAML file in a good way to acheive this, cause you would need to define all variants for all models, which would result in a huge YAML file.
The best option is to use PHP here, identify which device you are discovering, and when done use the correct OID in the discovery phase.
Then after discovery, OID is stored in the sensor in the DB so polling will still be as fast as it can be.

You can have a look at includes/discovery/sensors/signal/ . Not saying you have to do exactly the same, but shows the idea : step 1, define the device, the corresponding mib, and OID; step 2, add sensor.

Hi @PipoCanaja
Thanks for the example. This should get me started.

Hi @kamils85

I’m working at polling DDM values for ECS4120 and ECS2100. Like to check if you had managed to add the sensors.

Thank you

Hi @majere
I had to give up due to no time and other work projects.
It’s still on my to do list but with low priority I am afraid.

Happy to provide feedback if you take over :slight_smile: