Adding device SN in alert template

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Hello Everyone !

I am trying to get the device serial number in the email alerts received from librenms.
according to the documentation the variable for the serial number is $alert->seria.
I have added the following in my html template, but it return empty.
Serial Number: {{ $alert->serial }}

I have checked on the devices and their serial numbers are showing just fine .

Can anyone assist me with that matter ? any help or suggestion is much appreciated !

Thank you in advance


Hi Jean
You are right, this seems to be a bug. Currently, $alert->serial exists and is empty. Will have a look at it.
Thanx for reporting

Fix is posted here :

And fix is commited into master (and will be available in next month release if you are using stable).

@PipoCanaja thank you for the reply ! yes i am using stable release.
This should be working by next month as specified thank you ^^

Hello @PipoCanaja i can confirm that the fixe did solve my issue .

Thank you again !

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