Adding IMS4000

I am trying to add an IMS4000 to my instance. This device has an available MIB, and I have managed to discover it correctly after adding an appropriate yaml file. However, it has some oddly-laid-out sensors I have been unable to add. The sensors are in two nested, parallel structures, as follows (from snmpwalk):
Values are in…17).…11)
Sensor types/units are in…17).…11)
Human names for sensors are in…17).…11)

I did find an existing PHP file, precache/, which uses regexes to solve a similar problem, but I’m not sure exactly how to use the precache mechanism to pick up these sensors – if anyone could point me to documentation for the meaning of the precache variables and how they’re interpreted into sensor entries, I’d appreciate it.

  • The output of ./validate.php:
Component | Version
--------- | -------
LibreNMS  | 23.1.0-19-gaa033ec3c (2023-02-02T13:07:59+00:00)
DB Schema | 2022_08_15_084507_add_rrd_type_to_wireless_sensors_table (248)
PHP       | 8.2.2
Python    | 3.9.2
Database  | MariaDB 10.5.18-MariaDB-0+deb11u1
RRDTool   | 1.7.2
SNMP      | 5.9

[OK]    Composer Version: 2.5.1
[OK]    Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK]    Database connection successful
[OK]    Database Schema is current
[OK]    SQL Server meets minimum requirements
[OK]    lower_case_table_names is enabled
[OK]    MySQL engine is optimal
[OK]    Database and column collations are correct
[OK]    Database schema correct
[FAIL]  Time between this server and the mysql database is off
 Mysql time 2023-02-06 16:03:31
 PHP time 2023-02-06 21:03:31
[FAIL]  You have a different system timezone (EST) than the php configured timezone (UTC)
        Please correct either your system timezone or your timezone set in /etc/php/8.2/cli/php.ini.
[OK]    Active pollers found
[OK]    Dispatcher Service not detected
[OK]    Locks are functional
[OK]    Python poller wrapper is polling
[OK]    Redis is unavailable
[OK]    rrd_dir is writable
[OK]    rrdtool version ok
[WARN]  Global lnms shortcut not installed. lnms command must be run with full path
        sudo ln -s /opt/librenms/lnms /usr/local/bin/lnms
[WARN]  Bash completion not installed. lnms command tab completion unavailable.
        sudo cp /opt/librenms/misc/lnms-completion.bash /etc/bash_completion.d/
[WARN]  Log rotation not enabled, could cause disk space issues
        sudo cp /opt/librenms/misc/librenms.logrotate /etc/logrotate.d/librenms
[WARN]  Your local git contains modified files, this could prevent automatic updates.
        You can fix this with ./scripts/github-remove
        Modified Files:

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