Alert for Overall Traffic Threshold

Hello, is there a way to set alerts based on overall traffic of a device from its particular percentage on this graph? Thank you for any guidance.

Usually you would alert on the core uplink interface using macros.port_usage_perc

I think the overall traffic is generated on web-page load, which is why it usually takes a bit longer when loading the device overview page. It adds all the interfaces together to generate that graph, pretty sure the data it’s not stored as a “total” in the database.

then the only other way i can think of is adding all the interfaces you want to billing, then you can alert on “bills.total_data” maybe.

Appreciate the guidance Chas! I will look into it and try.


I was curious if this was still accurate? I’m trying to do the same, to try to alert based on total firewall/VPN/etc capabilities of certain platforms, so that we know beforehand if we’re approaching the device’s limitations, without looking into it manually.