Alert History is wrong

my alert history is horribly inaccurate, not only does not not show 90% of the alerts I have received via email transport, all the alerts in alert history are the same as the last alert that was triggered, just with different dates. please help.

If you post a pic of your alert history it will help a lot to understand what you mean

Pbin ./validate.php

whats this?

run from cli, as librenms user, ./opt/librenms/validate.php and use to paste it and post back here the link

i applied the fixes, ran again, and applied more fixes… validate.php now runs clean. history is still messed, but i need some current alerts to flow through to see if it is fixed.

That should not make any difference. Not sure why you get that in the alertlog.

Are all they red logs? Is cutted in the shoot.