Alert on Custom OID


We have installed libreNMS last week to monitor our Firewall Fortigate FG-200E, especially the SD-WAN Status Check Latency on our 4 incoming interfaces.

I first updated the FORTIGATE MIBs that were not up to date, and did not include the desired OID.

After spending some time to dig, i found the Custom OID screen in the Device Edit page.
I entered the needed OID, pressed Test OID, and had a successful l message, great !

In the Graph section of the device, i have the newly added OIDs, perfect !

The ultimate goal is to to have an alert when this latency goes above a certain level.

So, in the Custom OID page, i checked the Alerts enabled checkbox, and entered values for Alert Thresholds and Warning Thresholds.
Unfortunately, i do not see any event in the History Alert page.

It is not clear to me if the is a link between the Thresholds of the Custom OID and the Alert rules.
Do i need to do an alert rule to catch the Custom OID Alert ?

Thanks for you help, and congrats for this very good tool.


You cannot alert on custom OIDs. You have to add the OID to LibreNMS properly.

Go to Alert Rules then click Create rule from collection. Search for ‘custom’

Once you add the rules what you need you should hopefully get alerts from the thresholds you entered.


@slashdoom I don’t know if it works (never tried CustomOID) but this is not supported, and not the way to do it.
LibreNMS discovery structure is there to avoid CustomOID. You do it once in the LibreNMS discovery, and it will appear for all your devices. CustomOID is completely manual, and you’ll need to do 100 times the same action if you have 100 devices… There are only a few situation where you can really take advantage of it, most of the time it will end up being a waste of time.