Alert rule not ignoring specified servers

I’m trying to recreate some old rules on a new Librenms instance and while this rule works on the old server for some reason it’s not working correctly on the new one. Here’s the rule:

So it should be ignoring the 3 servers that start with those names (they all are have drives that are always full so we don’t want them alerted on). However they’re all still getting alerted on stil:

I’ve tried getting rid of the nesting in the rule and just did one of the “doesn’t begin with” rules as part of the main set of “and” statements and it still alerts. This is the last alert I need to convert over before cutting over to the new server and it’s driving me nuts.

The logic is wrong if I understand what you want to achieve.
Using an OR in that group will match them because if it begins with any of those strings, it does not begin with one of the other two making it evaluate to TRUE.

I’d use a regex like ^(string1|string2|struing3) in just one condition.

Let me know if that works for you.

Yeah that did the trick. Not sure what was going on that the other version seemed to work on my old server.

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