Alert scheduling


Have I missed how to do this or isn’t it possible to schedule alert handling (other than disabling alerts during a maintenance schedule)? For example, according to a customer SLA we are monitoring the equipment with alert handling (email) between 7 AM and 5 PM. All other times, alert rules should work the same so that we can see uptime but no alerts will be sent. Many other monitoring application has this as standard and I would assume that this would be possible also in LibreNMS. I can’t find howto though.

In the alerts section look for schedule maintenance you can map to device or to a device group.

Sorry, but that’s not the same thing. If I enable a maintenance schedule, the device will never go into alert state. I want it alert as usual, but not send any emails out during nights for example. This is for a group of devices, the rest should send alert emails 24/7 as usual. Different SLAs for different devices.

I see maybe Set the device to ignore in the settings menu.

I found the exact solution I was looking for here: Time of Day Alerts

Nice find I forgot all about that.