Alert syslog message not human readable


Is there any way to edit the alert syslog message to more human readable instead of OID? I’ve tried to edit the alert template and bind to syslog, but it not changed.

this is example alert syslog:

May 17 11:24:05 May 17 11:24:05 librebuntu librenms[1513]: [OK] eventlog - sysObjectID => .; sysDescr => Cisco IOS XR Software (Cisco ASR9K Series), Version 6.1.4[Default]

please advice

Found interesting field in syslog transport code:

Seems like syslog transport are hardcoded to send ‘string’ that contain OID of the device, so I decided to edit the code to meet my requirement

Here the result in Splunk (sorry I censored some field):

Hope that Syslog message can modified from transport template in the next update.