Alert Template Syntax Issue

I’ve got an alert setup for Cisco hardware, I pull the sensors.sensor_current value which comes back with a value of 1-5. What I want to do is have the alert template change the number to a word based off what the number returned value equates to on Cisco’s chart below.

normal(1), warning(2), critical(3), shutdown(4), notPresent(5), notFunctioning(6)

I’m having an issue getting the variable to change I have tried several different variations based off what I could find in the librenms docs but I just can’t get the syntax. Some things I tried,

{if %value.sensor_current == 1}<input type=“text” %value.sensor_current=“Normal”>{/if}
{if %value.sensor_current == 1}<text=“Normal”>{/if}

I did try others but they would not even trigger the email when the alert was triggered.
Once I get it to return a value for 1 I will then have to use an elseif to use a series of variables and values, correct?

Thanks for the help