Alert Transport Help

Hi I am having issues setting up alert transports. It keeps saying failed. Do you know why?

Have you setup your email options for alerting in global settings?


is anything wrong here?

only thing that looks odd to me is “from email adress”. That should read email adress only e.g [email protected]

Yea still getting the error when i make the from email address my own.

Well, if email address used to send email is correct and allowed to send via office365 and your credentials entered are for that email address, it should work. Otherwise i dont know.

Also i believe email used for sending must have real domain name e.g and not .local

Looking for help with alert configuration. willing to pay for help.

Hi, what issues do you have? Start with alerting from docs.

Version [1.60-58-g8a2ce01 - Mon Feb 24 2020 03:49:42 GMT-0500]

Still having trouble it will setting up transports gives me an error every time.

what is the issue? Maybe post some screenshots?

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Whats settings do you have for mail?

Global Settings -> Alerting -> Email Options.

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Try “Mail” for how to deliver

Same error

Weird - Need to confirm all your settings are right, also you can check the logs.
at /opt/librenms/logs/librenms.log

can i see the logs in the webgui?

no, you can not.

can you do a share screen to help me?