Alert when TX and RX capacity gets lower than XXXX

Hi folks. Im pretty new to this libreNMS world, i´ve done a search before making this post. Im trying to get an alert when the capacity of a link (airfiber) gets lower than an specified value.
What i have done so far.
Set the low value in the Wireless sensor setting
It turns RED when the capacity gets lower than specied but dont know how to edit the rule so it “catches” this event.
I have made several rules, this works to alert when it goes donw, but it stays in “ALERT MODE” and keeps sending alerts

It just a copy of the rule from collection (Sensor under limit - Check Device Health Settings) without the first parameter because that does not fit my needs.

Can anyone help?

You may need the sensor_current rule in that. Take a look at the wireless sensor rule. This rule will keep sending alerts with Max alerts set to -1.

Thanks for your reply. It has been solved. I used the Wireless Sensor over limit from the collection and it works, not only for the capacity but any other sensor available. Problem is that is not specific, but in general it works. Im gettting used to the templates and rules in libreNMS, its amazing