Alerting device dependencies question

Having read the documentation and watched the video I just have a question about the model for configuring device dependencies for alerting.

Say I have in my network:

[Device A] <–> [Device B] <–> [Device C]

Going from core at Device A to edge Device C.

If I configure:

  • [A] as a parent of [B]
  • [B] as a parent of [C]

Will alerts be suppressed for [B] & [C] when [A] goes down?

Or do I need to configure:

  • [A] as a parent of [B]
  • [B] & [A] as parents of [C]

i.e. is the parent/child model hierarchical, or is each parent/child mapping standalone?

Thanks for all the good work - definitely a feature worth having.

Answered my own question… testing shows that configuring as follows gives the desired result:

  • [A] as a parent of [B]
  • [B] as a parent of [C]

Alerts for all unreachable hosts still appear in the web UI, but only alerts for [A] are sent out via the various transports.


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