Alerting SFP/optics degradation


I’d like to get alerted when my SFPs are slowly getting worse and worse input signals, I already saw this post: Trying to monitor SFP degradation on fiber connections

And this would be exactly what I wanted, though if I understand correctly the difference between the value sensor_current and sensor_prev is only in the time span between two checks - is this correct?

So if I poll a device every 5 minutes, the difference between the two values is just the 5 minute differential?

If you look at this screenshot:

the alert would either never get triggered as the optic didn’t loose x dBm between the 5 minute poll interval, or would get triggered constantly if I set the difference interval to something like 0.1db. (Probably most of the time false positives)

Ideally I would like to get notified if the value changed x% in y days.

So if I had a Rx signal of -10dbm on the first of the month, and at the end of the month the signal is at -11dbm it like to get an alert.

Is this somehow possible in LibreNMS?

Hi @Jannis
It is not currently possible to do alerting based on the RRD values. Only on the DB. And as you noticed, the DB only keeps the “n-1” polled value, which means there is no way to alert based on a daily variation for instance.


thanks for the clarification.

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