Alerting when volume unmounted on Linux


I have some linux servers that have some iscsi volumes mounted to a particular path and I’m trying to alert if they become unmounted.

From running the poller in debug mode I can see the hrStorageDescr being returned when the volume is mounted and as expected it is not returned when the volume is unmounted.

Is it possible to generate an alert if a particular hrStorageDescr is not returned in hrstorage array?

I have tried setting an alert for storage.storage_descr = “/example” AND storage.storage_size < 1 but because the hrStorageDescr is not returned when unmounted it doesn’t generate an alert.

For anyone that stumbles across this question the solutions that works for me was simpler than expected, I simply did an inverted match on the storage description for the hosts in question, eg:

Inverted storage.storage_descr = ‘/example’ AND macros.device_up = 1

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