Allot of links in my LNMS portal referes til

Hi All,
I tried discord but perhaps this issue is better suited for the fora.
Just got my LNMS up and running. Ran with LNMS 3 or 4 years ago where i came from the toxic enviroment of observium - omg … found this community WAY more willing to help and welcomming.
Glad to be back again
In my installation i see allot of links that point to Its like im missing something in my install but my validation.php is all green.

but its everywhere. I think maybe its everywhere where LNMS doesn’t have any data. So if i click netstat and the specifik device doesn’t have netstat data it reference but im not sure

here is a link picture

Go to Global Settings -> System -> Server and make sure Specific URL correctly points your URL

Found the issue and it was so dumb! i failed to change the hostname in the nginx conf file which was default - MY BAD!