Allow "Device IP changed" notifications to be disabled/enabled per device

I am using Cloudflare for the FQDN of some devices and have those added in the hosts file with it’s real IP address (to not expose the origin IP in DNS)

It would help to have some way to disable/enable this check globally (or even per device?) so the event logs don’t get flooded with “Device IP changed” alerts (since Cloudflare changes the IPs you are given based on geolocation.)

Example: has a local IP of but resolves externally to Cloudflare, so in my hosts file I added to point to IP

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+1 for this - I’ve got 20+ hosts using CloudFlare and this is filling up my Event Logs with erroneous clutter.

I’ve found that disabling ipv4-addresses gets rid of these messages, albeit a workaround solution, it mitigates the original issue of an eventlog full of CloudFlare IP changes.

Hi, Could you tell me what you mean by ‘disabling ipv4-addresses’ ? I can’t find any setting for that.

Is there still no ‘official’ way of disabling these notifications btw?