Another Oxidized + librenms setup issue

We currently run rancid and librenms separately. Using the post here I was able to setup oxidized and have it running with no issues. I can curl to the oxidized server with the hostname of some of our network hardware. However, no matter how many guides I have followed, when I click on the config tab I get: we couldn’t retrieve the device information from Oxidized. Turning on debug for librenms doesn’t show any sql or php errors. I can’t seem to enable enough debug option in oxidized to show incoming API requests. Here is my config for oxidized:


username: oxidized

password: -----------

model: junos

interval: 300

use_syslog: false

debug: true

threads: 30

timeout: 20

retries: 3

prompt: !ruby/regexp /([\[email protected]]+[#>]\s?)$/


next_adds_job: false

vars: {}

groups: {}

models: {}

pid: "/root/.config/oxidized/pid"

log: "/root/.config/oxidized/log"


default: ssh, telnet

debug: true


secure: false


default: git


user: git

email: [email protected]

repo: "/root/.config/oxidized/devices.git"


default: http




name: hostname

model: os

group: group


X-Auth-Token: '-------------------------'


cisco: ios

juniper: junos



type: exec

events: [node_success, post_store]

cmd: 'cd /root/.config/oxidized/devices.git && git push -f -q /root/.config/oxidized/devices.git master'

The data that oxidized stores is as follows:

{:name=>"", :full_name=>"", :ip=>"", :group=>nil, :model=>"JunOS", :last=> {:start=>2018-05-22 00:19:26 UTC, :end=>2018-05-22 00:19:39 UTC, :status=>:success, :time=>13.361407251}, :vars=>nil}

All oxidized options are enabled on the librenms side of things and I am using fpr the API field. Its funny that oxidized can pull in all the information from librenms but librenms can’t pull the config. I have been working on this all day today and I can’t figure it out. Please, help!

Do you see the config diffs in oxidized?

Try and curl$hostname?format=json

Post your LibreNMS oxidized config.

I finally rebooted and went home.This morning I logged in and now everything working. Oh well, thanks for the help.

Having the same issue at the moment
oxidized 0.24.0
Here is json:

{“name”:“name-here”,“full_name”:“name-here”,“ip”:“”,“group”:null,“model”:“PanOS”,“last”:{“start”:“2018-07-03 14:00:37 UTC”,“end”:“2018-07-03 14:00:46 UTC”,“status”:“success”,“time”:9.017765973},“vars”:null,“mtime”:“unknown”}

I’m using default group for all and only model.
No librenms integration, just router.db.
oxidized itself works perfect, shows config etc, but not from libre.
running oxidized as service, don’t know if that matters.

P.S. reboot didn’t help :slight_smile: