Ansible Monitoring

Hi Guys,

does anyone know of a way to monitor a log file?

I’m running Ansible playbooks with cron and would love to monitor the success/failure rate of my playbooks via Libre!

Thanks, guys

Send that log via syslog to librenms. You must have that device (server) already added to make this works.

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Should I follow this?

Yes that doc.

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so if I understand this correctly all I need to do is make sure taht port 514 udp is open on my network for Libre to be able to pull the logs from my hosts?

What does this mean?

I used syslog

You only need 514 opened in your LibreNMS server/instance.

About your question for Client configuration, just add that line to your syslog configuration replacing librenms.ip with your real LibreNMS IP. Then restart syslog

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Okay Thanks man.

If I’m understanding this correctly I need to install syslog-ng on all my hosts and then clear the entire Config file and add this line to it.

syslog configuration replacing librenms.ip with your real LibreNMS IP.

Thank you!

Like so?

The “correct” way is to create a new file librenms.conf under /etc/syslog-ng/conf.d/ and add that in there.

okay, This is what i did.


Should I keep the @ xx.xx.xx

This config is on one of my hosts

Well, im using rsyslog in remote devices sending to syslog-ng in librenms server.

Just noticed that docs only points for syslog and rsyslog client configuration but not for syslog-ng.

And tbh, dont know the client conf for syslog-ng. You need to google around to see how it does.

After you found and have it working, please, update documentation site :wink:

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soo I should install rsyslog on my hosts and point them to Libre that is running syslog-ng?

Or configure properly syslog-ng.

First result from google:

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whatever you change in syslog ends up with a error