API - Add title to graph


I have been using the API to generate graphs for the processor utilization of a Netscaler, but I have not been able to find a way to add a title to the graph. The popup_label attribute does not work and I have tried a few more options (label, title etc.) to no avail. This is the command; any tips on how to do it?

curl -k -o /tmp/image.png -H 'X-Auth-Token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' "https://<hostname>/api/v0/devices/<device_ip>/device_processor?from=1590962400&to=1593429362&title=Processor"

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I’m not sure rrdtool supports graph titles.

Hi murrant,

rrdtool does, with the -t option, but I am not sure how to translate that to the API request URL.

No graphs in LibreNMS support that, so first you would have to add support in the code to set -t.

I will raise a feature request for that. Unfortunately, I lack the necessary PHP skills.