API : Create a component

Hi I would like to create a component through the API with the label field already field. Do is this possible or I have to update it with a PATCH ?

curl -X POST -d ‘{“label”:“this is a test”}’ -H ‘X-Auth-Token: *******************’ ’ http://librenms/api/v0/devices/mydevice/components/type_component_test


What’s the label field?

The label filed is the one that is on the result of the GET request below :

curl -X GET -H ‘X-Auth-Token:*****’ http://librenms/api/v0/devices/device/components
“status”: “ok”,
“components”: {
“13”: {
“type”: “50505”,
“label”: “”,
“status”: “0”,
“ignore”: “0”,
“disabled”: “0”,
“error”: “”
“count”: 1