API Device SLA Graphs missing

I am trying to grab the data associated with IPSLAs from a device. This device is configured to run IPSLAs and if I navigate to it through LibreNMS it shows an SLA section that has a SLA Jitter graph that only showcases round trip time.

When I use the API to query available graphs for the device no SLA graphs appear on the list. When I go through the ports of the device it does not show any related to SLA, When I go through all ports I can’t seem to find anything related to IPSLA within ifDescr, ifType or ifAlias.

Am I missing something or are SLA graphs not available to query through the API?

I found a similar issue: get SLA graph for a device with API · Issue #5337 · librenms/librenms · GitHub

I ran …/api/v0/devices/{device_id}/device_sla and get a png back that says “No Data file sla-.rrd”

Any suggestions?

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