API issue since about a month


we are using librenms for several years and are very happy but we recently are facing some issues with the API.

We are querying the API endpoint with the following details:

curl -H 'X-Auth-Token: xxx' https://xxx.com/api/v0/devices/fra1-pod01-a11-bb01/ports/ae2

which works pefectly. As we are using Juniper devices we also want to query interface names like ge-0/0/0 or xe-0/0/0 which worked flawless for years with the following:

curl -H 'X-Auth-Token: xxx' https://xxx.com/api/v0/devices/fra1-pod01-a11-bb01/ports/xe-0%252f0%252f8

The auth token was replaced with “xxx”.

Since about a month or two we are failing on this as our double encoded / (%252f) is not working anymore and we have no how doubt to fix it. We are currently dependent on this API endpoint as we need the “in_perc” and “out_perc” values.

We are on the latest daily.

Can you help us? Thank you.


i never use the port/device name
i use port / device ID

is this working for you? (Device ID / port ID?)