Automated LibreNMS installation / Search for build-base.php

Hi @all,

I have a Problem.
We want to install LibreNMS without any userinteractions on the WebUi. For this we wrote a script which installs LibrenNMS and Oxidizied. But we hang on the point where you have to go to http://host/install and clicking the wizzard.
We want to automate this task via script as well.
I found that we can do the following:

  1. Create config.php
  2. Configure database parameters in “.env”
  3. Initalize database with “php build-base.php”
  4. Create admin user with "php adduser.php 10
    5 .Create API-Token for Oxidized

1 and 2 are no Problem. But 3 and 5 getting us into trouble. I can’t find the “build-base.php” file in any directory. Did I a mistake or is this file lost in current version?

I found this very old guide:

Hope for answers.


for 3 you can try:
php /opt/librenms/includes/sql-schema/update.php
for 5, you could write directly in the database, take a look at this:

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