Availability map alerting conditions other than offline and rebooted within the last 24h

Hi, is it possible to modify the bahavior via a plugin or similar of the availability map so that there is an additional status of ERROR which is set when a monitored item within a device is in an error state.

for example, I monitor a synology NAS and it would be great if the NAS device would show an ERROR status colour on the availability map if one of its hard drives were offline or erroring in another way.

The reason i want this is that we use the availability map as a wall board running on a raspberry pi in our office so we can see at a glance if all our monitored kit is still running. but it obviously only currently shows if an item is offline or has been rebooted in the last 24h there is no indication that an element of that monitored device has issues.

Any ideas how i could achieve something like this ?

I would suggest to display alerts on your RaspPi screen.

In our setup, we have 3 tabs looping on our RaspPi, one with the Dashboard, one with Alerts, and one with a Weathermap.
A failed disk would be easily visible in the alert screen.