Bind Librenms_agent to specific interface


I was testing the librenms_agent and saw that it binds globally to all ports. And a simple telnet to port 6556 renders information that should not be available publicly. Is there a way via librenms_agent or via systemd to bind this to a specific interface?


LibreNMS Agent is like not really maintained, many thinks were added by SNMP Extend now. Not sure that still exists a future for this part of the project.

Take a look here, and check if the SNMP extend is enough for you perhaps:

The agent is just check_mk so take a look at the docs for that on start up options.

FTBZ and Laf – Thanks for the responses.

We figured out it was check_mk and burned a lot of time looking for this. The only track we thought was worthwhile exploring was BindToDevice in systemd. DIgitalOcean did have a document that used xinetd to limit access to the querying server.

Ultimately, I think we will follow FTBZ’s suggestion and focus our efforts on snmp and snmp extend.

Thanks again all