Bootgrid's shortcomings

The other day, I was looking into setting the default number of rows for the devices page. Because I couldn’t see any options, I decided to write it myself but then I quickly realised that this a tremendous task if not impossible. So to set a default row size, you’ve to override the functions/callbacks etc. Now this is not an impossible task to accomplish however, it would be a real pain in the neck to maintain the code and what not. So what do you guys think about replacing bootgrid with another jquery plugin which looks good and easily extendable, configurable solution? I can’t say I have a solid replacement in my mind, but I am happy to help with the coding if everyone agrees on a replacement.

I think we use datatables in v2.

If it was to be changed then all existing bootgrid tables would need to be updated at once, I personally wouldn’t like to see a mish mash of stuff.

Sure, I’ve used datatables in the past and it’s good enough, I’m also wondering, what’s your take on v2 stable release time?

No timeframes at all, we’re just don’t get time to work on it at the moment :frowning: