Broken Grahphs

Getting broken graph icons on all devices


I am stumped

I have the same problem

I have no idea what could be wrong here Can anyone assist where we can start looking


Can anyone assist here please.


hi, same problem here. apparently without any reason, graph are borken from few days. enabling debug ,
and opening in a new window any graph (/graph.php?to=1621684200&type=device_processor&from=1621597800&legend=no&lazy_w=845&device=8&height=60&width=113) , i see this error:

“message”: “Argument 1 passed to get_image_type() must be of the type string, null given, called in /opt/librenms/includes/html/graphs/ on line 112”,
“exception”: “TypeError”,
“file”: “/opt/librenms/includes/html/”,
“line”: 1031,
“trace”: [
“file”: “/opt/librenms/includes/html/graphs/”,
“line”: 112,
“function”: “get_image_type”
“file”: “/opt/librenms/html/graph.php”,
“line”: 29,
“function”: “require”

and trying to fix it i hade no luck.

any hint?
thank you.

Solved. once entered as admin → global setting → Web ui → graph setting → “set the graph type” to PNG.
problem vanished.

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