Can I buy an Installation on my PaspberryPI 4B

I have bought a Raspberry Pi with Pihole installed. I have changed the Port to 81 so parallel installation of LibreNMS shoud be able.
But I’m afaraid to do this on my own.
If somebody is able to do it by TeamViewer / Putty tell me your Price, Email:
kasko AD

Welcome Kasko

If you don’t get a offer, maybe try this Ansible role:

You put the variables in your inventory and run this role against your Raspberry pi and voila, LibreNMS is installed.

I can recommend doing things on Raspberry pi with Ansible as it allows you to quickly rebuild, if a SD card burns out.

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No offer yet :frowning_face:
@ slalomsk8er: I’m not an IT pro. I don’t even know what you are talking about…

Ansible is a tool written in python that allows to manage configurations.
You install it on a host, setup your inventory and get roles (packaged playbooks) and then you run it against your infrastructure.

In your case ssh will be used to connect to the raspberry pi.

Have a look at:

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