Can I graph output of my scripts?

Can I somehow monitor/graph my custom scrips the way bind is monitored?
I run scrips to get values from devices that cannot be monitored by librenms and extend them in snmpd.conf.
All I want is to make them appear on monitored host.

If NOT, it would be great to add this feature.

Best way is to use munin plugin with check_mk - search this forum and gitub for more info


there is no munin module to enable on my monitored host from web interface.

check_mk uses the unix-agent module. Munin can plug into check_mk I guess.

after few minutes I can see munin tab, but all graphs are empty.
suppose exmple script in documentation should be working as it outputs seconds.
how can I check if check_mk is working as it should?

./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m unix-agent

there is no CR or NL after foobar.value
may this be the reason?

Munin Plugins:Array
[test-script] => foobar.value 1511280502graph_title Some title
graph_args --base 1000 -l 0
graph_vlabel Some label
graph_scale no
graph_category system
graph_info This graph shows something awesome.
foobar.label Label for your unit Desc for your unit.

still no graphing.
can anybody confirm that munin script in documentation graphs on current version of librenms?