Cannot enable "Don't perform ICMP or SNMP checks?"

I am trying to monitor some services that are running on a non-snmp enabled device using nagios plugins.
I added the device with the disable initial icmp/snmp check option checked. however the device is still added as down/unreachable.
Under the snmp tab of the edit device menu there is an option called “Don’t perform ICMP or SNMP checks?” however if i check this box and click save i get the message : " SNMP Max repeaters updated, no other changes made
SNMP Max OID updated, no other changes made"

The checkbox is automagically unchecked again and the device is still listed as snmp down
the nagios plugins/service checks work as expected however i would like the device to be shown as up (icmp does work)
any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

That’s not how that option works, it’s a one time thing when a device is added so you can add now and it will be polled later.

You will need to add your service checks to one host or deal with the ‘fake’ devices you’ve added being shown as down.

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Thanks once more for your fast and clear response, is there any chance of this kind of feature being added in the future?
Should I create a feature request for it?

We already have the ability to add non-snmp on the list to be done.

Ok thanks for your explaination. case closed

Can you explain how to disable SNMP check per device?

See New post Disable SNMP check