Certain alerts use specific transports

From what I can tell, all alerts are sent via all the configured transports.
I’d like a way to say certain alerts and/or severity should be sent via specific transports. Is there a way to do this that I’ve overlooked?

for example:
I’d like certain alerts to be visible just in the tool (no transport)
I’d like certain alerts to send to slack for specific devices.
I’d like certain alerts to send to pagerduty for specific devices and alert severity.

That’s not possible as of now.

There is alerting overhaul in progress see here -> Alerting Improvements - Testing and Feedback Needed!

thanks for the quick response. I’ve applied my thumbs-up to the umbrella github issue #8353.

the bullet closest to my request has not been assigned a issue number yet.
" Provide the ability to map specific transports to alert rules + provide custom configuration to those transports per alert rule (i.e multiple email addresses for mail transport)."

I’ll keep an eye on that issue. thanks again!

This is now possible if you update to the latest master release.