Check alerts more frequently

I want some alerts works more frequently. For example, I need to know that my core switche device goes down and I need to get telegram alert during 30-60 seconds.
How can I do it?

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You can do 1 min polling or the default polling of 5 min. Keep in mind 1 min polling means all devices have to be polled in the 1 min it’s stressful on the poller and system.

Also you could adjust your alert rules for delay.

Also, if you dont need 1min polling, you can do fast ping check (only icmp check) at less than a min interval.


In case if I don’t need 1 minute polling, do i need to change step to 30 with bash ./scripts/rrdstep.php -h all ?

If you set the fast ping check to be every 30 seconds, yes. It will only update the pings graphs.

Also, remove the bash (typo in doc) it is just ./scripts/rrdstep.php -h all after you added $config['ping_rrd_step'] = 30; to your config

Then, edit your cron to meet your needs.

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