Cisco ONS sensor under limit alerts as of 08/14

It seems that on 08/14/2017 both our Cisco ONS’s now have an alert which wasn’t there previously. These devices are in different cities and one would think something in librenms changed to affect this. These devices haven’t had any issues until this time.

Under limit alert on both devices are exactly the same?
#1: sensor_id => ‘4736’, sensor_oid => ‘.’, sensor_descr => ‘CHASSIS_454 - POWER BUS A’
#2: sensor_id => ‘4737’, sensor_oid => ‘.’, sensor_descr => ‘15454-SA-HD - POWER BUS B’

you can adjust the alert settings by going to edit tab and health. Should be able to set the high and low values.

as far changes go not sure you can look here -

This support was added recently, the device doesn’t give us the low value for the sensor so we calculate it as best we can, that doesn’t always work so just set the limits yourself.

So Cisco says Normal operation: –40.5 to –56.7 V and nms values are set to 56500 high to 40500 low, so now the ? as to why the under limit is in alert?

current reading on one device is 53.801 and 53.796

so the values in librenms are wrong and need to be changed!

laf,since you closed my github ticket for this issue one assumes you’ll open it back and input the fix for the base code?

health values need to be 56.7 high and 40.5 low, not 56500 high to 40500 low

I changed to these and the alerts have cleared.

I’ve already explained this above. The device, via SNMP doesn’t give us a low value to use, well not one apparent in the MIB. Because of that we auto calculate the low value, this calculation can’t be changed and is generic. You can set the low thresholds though yourself by editing the device.

No, there is nothing for us to change. If you can find the mib OID to use for low value thresholds then we can implement it but it’s not in the table this sensor is in.

laf I understand what you’re saying but when I look at other Cisco devices in nms and go to edit health their highs and lows have the decimal point and they’re fine, my point is that the high and low voltage for the ONS should be the same as them and have the decimal point