Cisco WLC - Oid not Increasing

Hello all, i have an issue with Cisco WLC (I Have several controler - 3x2 5520 and 4x 2504).

Some of them have an issue whith discovery. Indeed, the discovery stop and the inventory tab is not fully populated. (Same model, same version, same cnfig, the issue appear randomly)

When i do an snmpwalk, i see the error below :

iso. = STRING: "Cisco Aironet 2600 Series (IEEE 802.11n) Access Point"
iso. = STRING: "Cisco Aironet 2600 Series (IEEE 802.11n) Access Point"
Error: OID not increasing: iso.
 >= iso.

This apparently a knowing bug at cisco. I find this on support webpage :

the only workaroung given by Cisco is to use the -Cc parameter on snmpwalk command. This parameter permit to didn’t check “returned OIDs are increasing”

My question : is it possible to implement or add a parameter for the devices who have this problem, to have the same behavior than the -Cc parameter.

Thanks for answers :wink:

for info you can see the return of discovery.php script on device who have the problem below :

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Did you get it make this working? I have the same issue with Checkpoint Gaia.