Cluster Information & Best Practices

Running the latest version of LibreNMS using docker containers on Synology. Created a project with the following components:

  • db
  • dispatcher
  • msmptd
  • redis
  • snmptrapd
  • syslogng
    Now, I have another location connected via SDWAN IPSEC connectivity. I want to run another instance there of LibreNMS but have a few questions:
  • Is there support to have synced databases across 2 location for resiliency?
  • Is it possible to utilize the local web GUI instance and have data for both locations available?
  • Can one distribute polling to keep that local?
  • How? Any good information would be great :slight_smile:

Posing a note to prevent auto-closure. I have had some progress here, but having issues with sentinel and redis. Will create a new topic.

  1. No
  2. No

Distributed polling was setup for balancing the load. Not multiple locations.