Creating alerts/notifications from device

Dear Community!

I want to ask for some help, recommendations.

I have several devices, all connected to LibreNMS via SNMP.
I want to get some additional info from device, based on different events (active route changes, LTE device SMS received, etc…)
I’m using mainly MikroTik devices, so there are plenty options for solutions:

  • Send email directly from device for these events. Somehow the easiest solution, but it requires individual config and complex scripting on device
  • Just create a custom log event on these devices and filter it with LibreNMS and have a notification for it (this is what I had, but I had problems with this)
  • Use LibreNMS API somehow?

Any ideas?


I’ve got a fair lot done via syslog, if you have troubles scaling and tuning that you could consider graylog, then you alert out of that with a lot more flexibility, but you can integrate the view of the logs back in to the LibreNMS UI: Graylog - LibreNMS Docs

You could also consider traps if the devices and MIBs do it cleanly: SNMP Trap Handler - LibreNMS Docs

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