CSV Port Export Error

Hi, Running CentOS 7.5.1804 and Percona MySQL 5.6.41 with LibreNMS 1.43-85-g8f89cd5, found an issue with exporting ports to CSV, the file was created but contained an SQL error.
After investigating and tracking back to html/includes/reports/ports.csv.inc.php file, lines 71,75 & 79 didn’t have a space before the ‘AND’ in the where variable added space and export appears to be working fine now.


Sounds like you could submit that fix to the project for the benefit of others.

Thank you, I was looking for validation of the issue. We had this issue with our setup but haven’t seen anything similar in the forums so haven’t been able to determine if it is global or specific to our setup.


Seems like a bug if AND is missing a space after it, submit the fix for others to benefit from please.

Hi, Thank you, please excuse my ignorance, how and where do I submit the fix