Custom plugins suddenly broken

I will spare you the validate because I don’t think it shows anything useful.

I made custom plugins that just redirect to simple cgi’s I wrote. Used to work great. Now, all it does is goto /plugin/p=Find_IP


$ cat Find_IP/

function redirect($url, $statusCode = 303)
	header('Location: ' . $url, true, $statusCode);

Suggestions appreciated, thanks.

Try adding this public static function menu()

Sorry, I should have included this:

$ cat Find_IP/Find_IP.php 

class Find_IP{

    public function menu() {
        echo '
  • '.get_class().'
  • '; }//end menu() }

    chnage it to this public static function menu()

    Thank you kindly for your responses Kevin, I did try that without success.

    class Find_IP{
        public static function menu() {

    What are you saying isn’t working?

    Apologies, perhaps I have been vague.

    I only want the plugin to redirect to websites, which they used to do just fine. After this upgrade, they only go to the plugin, like “/plugin/p=Find_IP” with a “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” message.

    Still not clear for me but if you have put some custom files in cgi-bin within the librenms site then yes this may no longer work.

    We use Laravel now which may hijack the url. However it’s too custom for me to offer any help.

    Maybe there is a better way to do it - all I really need is to put some customized links on the librenms homepage, and simply adding them as plugins was an easy way to do it. I guess I need to read up on Laravel. Thanks, Laf.

    Use the dashboard widget notes, you can do hyperlinks in that.

    Otherwise we could allow people to put custom links in the navbar.

    I can make links, but they don’t work. For instance, this will not work:

    <a href="" target="_blank">Go to Google!</a>

    Ideas? Thanks