Custom state alerts/changes

I’m looking to add custom state events for devices, in particular where there are none now.

As an example, a Cisco switch has a few state events based on temperature, fans, switch stack, etc. However, I want to be able to create a state change based on interface up/down, or anything else that isn’t canned. Current up/down issues, such as the above, or BGP peering changes do not change state.

Along the same vein, I want to create state events for things that don’t have any configured at all. We have an estate of Peplink devices, of which have an underlying Linux OS, but for all intents is no different than a Cisco or Juniper device. I have specific MIBs for them, but have not gone through the process to use them yet as for the most part, the information we get out of the box is good enough.

The ultimate goal is to be able to represent this state change via weathermap, but we need more granularity than what we have out of the box.

Is this something that can be changed by ourselves on the back end?

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